Hiking Trails

As of August 5, all trails currently closed due to storm damage.

In addition to the manicured gardens around the mansion, the Locust Grove Estate includes nearly five miles of carriage roads, laid out in the 19th century, that wind through the forest and meadows along the Hudson River. Enjoy great river views on the Sawmill Trail, the waterfall on the Cascade Trail, or the shady Lane Loop.

Please note that the walking paths can be uneven and include several steep hills – be prepared for a moderate to strenuous hike.

Click here to download a trail map.

Please observe the following rules when visiting Locust Grove:

Locust Grove’s grounds and hiking trails are open daily from 10AM until 5pm.

Please keep pets leashed, and remove waste.

Do not collect plants, flowers, wildlife, or artifacts.

Picnic in designated area only, remove all litter.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

No motorized vehicles or bicycles are permitted.

No hunting, shooting or fishing are permitted.

No sunbathing or sports are permitted.

No fires or barbecues are permitted.

Use the grounds at your own risk, hike in pairs.