Education Programs

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The following is a list of education program offerings which can be booked for groups of 8 or more.
To request a program, please contact us at (845) 454-4500 x 213.

Grades 3-8
90 minutes; $4 per person
Telegraphy introduces students to the natural phenomena and technology that made telegraph communication possible. Students construct basic electrical circuits in order to generate signals and communicate using lights and electromagnets. Activity highlights include hands-on experiments, decoding messages in Morse code, and a hunt for artifacts in the Morse Gallery.

Supports NYS Curriculum Standards in Math, Science and Technology (Standards 4 & 5) & Social Studies (Standards 1 & 2)

Simple Machines
Grades 2-8
90 minutes; $4 per person
This program introduces students to simple machines in a fun, historical context. Hands-on investigations offer students an opportunity to operate and gather data on a variety of simple machines, including pulleys, inclined planes, and wheels and axles. Activity highlights include a visit to the carriage house where students can experience authentic examples of each of these machines!

Supports NYS Curriculum Standards in Math, Science and Technology (Standard 3,4 & 5) & Social Studies (Standard 3)

Grades 2-8
90 minutes; $4 per person
The Levers program introduces students to the basic elements of a lever — effort, fulcrum, and load — as well as the three classes of levers which can be formed by rearranging these elements.  Activity highlights include measuring the amount of force required to operate various levers and classifying common levers that were once used by residents and servants at Locust Grove to perform basic household and agricultural tasks.

Supports NYS Curriculum Standards in Math, Science and Technology (Standard 3,4 & 5) & Social Studies (Standard 3)

House Hunt
Grades 3-8
45 minutes; $5 per person
Working in teams of 2-3, students are presented with descriptions of artifacts that were used in the Young family household in the early 1900’s. Their challenge is to locate these objects in the mansion and learn their functions. The search list includes simple machines and tools, as well as technologies used for lighting, heating, cooking, cleaning, refrigeration, communication, security and entertainment.

Supports NYS Curriculum Standard in Social Studies (Standard 3)

House Tour
Grades 9-12
90 minutes, $5 per person
The “Living at Locust Grove” house tour interprets how the upper-class Young household functioned at Locust Grove during the early 1900s. Tour topics include social etiquette, leisure pastimes, domestic service, technology and the outstanding collection of American fine and decorative arts. The tour includes a screening of our 10-minute orientation video and a self-guided tour of the Morse Gallery.

Supports NYS Curriculum Standards in Social Studies (Standard 3)

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