Exhibitions at Locust Grove

The Transverse Gallery in Locust Grove’s Museum Pavilion hosts a series of exhibits of works by contemporary artists each year. 



A solo exhibition by Paola Bari

On view:  January 16 – March 23










Reception with the artist:  Thursday March 13, 5:30 – 7:30pm

“Nature and earth are our daily gifts and my daily inspirations. I like catching a moment of life and freezing it in the dream world of the porcelain colors.  I love the challenge of adamping my fantasy, my inspirations, to the things that surround me and to shape them on the porcelain to form, at the end, a harmonic unit. The transparency of the porcelain is fascinating to me because it contributes to the elegance of the finished work of art.”  Paola Bari


Chagall in High Falls

On view:  March 27 – June 1







Lecture: April 10 5:30-7:30pm. Free and open to the public.

The travelling exhibit “Chagall in High Falls” provides a glimpse into a little-known period of the renowned painter Marc Chagall’s life, which was spent in Ulster County, New York from 1946 to 1948.  During these 2.5 years, Chagall (1887-1985) lived and worked in a small house on Mohonk Road in High Falls with his companion, Virginia Haggard and their son, David, producing more than 90 works, including the lithographic series “Arabian Nights: Four Tales from a Thousand and One Nights.



Recent Works

A solo exhibition by Barbara Mink

On view:  June 5 – October 12






“I have chosen a radical new direction for my current series. My previously muscular, vigorously chromatic, and heavily layered paintings have evolved in the direction of the spare, the muted, and the geometric.  Using unprimed canvas and linen into which the paint soaks, as well as floats above, I am taking a new measured and mathematical approach in which the neutral palette compliments natural linen,; the intentional shapes and less intentional color masses speak to decisively black lines. Points and lines meet in a dimension of relation; a web or matrix, rather than a grid.”  Barbara Mink


Recent Works

A solo exhibition by Sue DeSanna

On view: October 16 – January 2015

Opening Reception: October 23rd, 5pm – 7pm









I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley for most of my adult life, yet I am still taken by how beautiful it is. Beauty abounds around every bend in the road, and as an artist, I am worse than any Sunday Driver could be.

At any time of day, there’s something to delight the eye, whether it be long shadows in the afternoon, mists of a hazy summer day, or a stand of trees punctuating a newly plowed field. There is such variety that I’m often compelled to pull over just to take in the view. I’ve been known to watch a particularly dazzling sunset from beginning to end, standing on the shoulder of the road home. Sometimes I’ll snap a few photos for reference, or, depending on the time I have, execute a quick sketch for future development.

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