Exhibitions at Locust Grove

The Transverse Gallery in Locust Grove’s Museum Pavilion hosts a series of exhibits of works by contemporary artists each year. 




Recent Works

A solo exhibition by Sue DeSanna

On view: Thru March 22 2015










I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley for most of my adult life, yet I am still taken by how beautiful it is. Beauty abounds around every bend in the road, and as an artist, I am worse than any Sunday Driver could be.

At any time of day, there’s something to delight the eye, whether it be long shadows in the afternoon, mists of a hazy summer day, or a stand of trees punctuating a newly plowed field. There is such variety that I’m often compelled to pull over just to take in the view. I’ve been known to watch a particularly dazzling sunset from beginning to end, standing on the shoulder of the road home. Sometimes I’ll snap a few photos for reference, or, depending on the time I have, execute a quick sketch for future development.

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